Toy Soldiers PC, Ascend: New Gods, and a set of tools

A number of things have just recently happened. Firstly, a project I worked on almost entirely by myself ended up on Steam. It is Toy Soldiers (the original) and it is available now! If you haven’t played it on Xbox yet, now might be an ok time to do so. There is a patch coming up. It’s a good patch. Please buy it. Some of that money goes to me!

Secondly, Signal Studios just announced their new game, Ascend: New Gods. I work there! Do people know I work there? I do. Ascend is an action RPG with a pretty interesting riff on concurrent multiplayer. Concurrent multiplayer, AKA playing the same game but not technically in the same space. You can see the echoes of other players in the same area you are and interact. You can send them stuff to aid them or curse them. I was trying to get my coworkers killed while they were testing  the E3 demo, and that is pretty fun.

Thirdly, I work on the tools that Signal uses and they are pretty cool and I’m proud of my contributions. You cannot play the tools and will probably never see them but I’m still proud. That’s probably not interesting news for anyone besides me.

An Update From Some Time Later: I should note that there is no release date or pricing information about Ascend just yet. Only Toy Soldiers for XBox Live Arcade and on Steam. Also Toy Soldiers: Cold War which is only on XBLA. For now? Question mark?