Boy vs Sprite

This initial Boy Vs Sprite thing was based on a very real situation I’m sure everyone who played Secret of Mana “co-operatively” encountered. Whenever a chest would show up, everyone would abandon their duties and race to get it first. Although you couldn’t hurt other players, it certainly led to some people getting killed by monsters that should have been dealt with first. The world really could use some more co-op action RPGs. This is also one of the ones I put up on Newgrounds┬áthat was actually rated pretty good. I’m gonna take some advice from the comments and say this one is actually pretty good!

Note: Here, Germany. You can look at the original version below.

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Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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5 thoughts on “Boy vs Sprite”

  1. Glad to see the site is updated, which means you’re still alive.

    Loved your videos many years ago, when new content was popping up on here.

    Out of curiosity, what Asheron’s Call server did you play on? That might have been my favorite video, since AC was one of the only MMOs I have ever liked.

    1. I think it was Frostfell. I only ever made it to like level 35 or something and got one of those red electric armadillo axes. That was pretty cool. I tried to play on Darktide for a little while but couldn’t find a patron I didn’t hate.

  2. You are way to critical of yourself man, your videos are awesome. Otherwise I wouldn’t be returning to watch them 10 years later.

  3. Yo Mortis,

    Add me to the list of schmucks who seem to check your website every 8-16 months or so to see if anything here is still alive. Glad to see you breathing.

    Just wanted to mention for this one: I absolutely fucking loved the Atom and His Package musical ending you put on this, because the song sounds like it would fit in exactly with the rest of the SoM soundtrack.

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