Black Belt Vs Thief

I very nearly misspelled Thief in the title just now. Embarrassing.

Man! Look at the production values on this one! This is the second short I ever made and it it a whole hell of a lot better than I remember it being. Figuring out that higher frame rates look better, rotating guys, better tweens in general. Still didn’t quite master editing images in MS Paint though. A few white pixels peeking out there. I remember thinking how I was going to blow everyone’s minds!!¬†when the Mortal Kombat song kicks in and the guys start running around. Even though breaking the Final Fantasy battle system convention was the exact same joke from the original. Maybe I thought record scratches were still novel and interesting. It is still the default dimensions for a Flash animation. Adorable.

I just went digging a little deeper through my Ye Olde Flashe Shite folder and there is a lot of stuff in there. A couple unfinished, unreleased things. Also lots of 8-bit Theater derivative jokes.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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  1. Hey, I just came back to your sight on a whim. I am happy to see that you are doing something here! I always loved your videos, and I look forward to reading some of your blog entries.

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