Gnomoria: Dig Up A Thing With Some Gnomes

Another new game! A friend of mine, Mr. “RoboB0b”, is making this game called Gnomoria. It is a Dwarf Fortress-like… frontier simulator? I’m not sure what that genre should be called. You command a small platoon of gnomes to mine mountains, craft objects, and ward off invaders in a randomly generated world. Except with an interface that a normal human brain can understand.

Must dig.
Some gnomes attempting to conquer a mountain.

It’s in an alpha state currently. There’s a short video describing the initial stages of setting up a settlement. There’s a demo¬†for it that lets you try up to six days of surviving. Or you can buy it for $7.99 while it’s still in alpha.

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2 thoughts on “Gnomoria: Dig Up A Thing With Some Gnomes”

  1. from what i can tell from the screen shot, the graphics look a bit like a hybrid of some of the older sim city games and minecraft!

  2. Hey just wanted to send you a message and since I couldn’t find any contact info I thought I’d comment here. My friend and I were big fans of your flash videos when we were younger and every few years since I logged on to check for new things and show some people the cool videos here. I was pleasantly surprised today when the website was updated and it was still the same guy. keep up the good work.

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