Mortis vs Asheron’s Call

This one was real harsh to re-watch. I think I’d describe my 15-16 year old self as “difficult to stomach” with some qualifiers about how the kid probably meant well. There used to be this guild in Asheron’s Call on Frostfell (maybe?) that I somehow ran across in my AC-playing days. They were known as Vitae Rising and their website is now some squatted Japanese domain. The guild (monarch, in AC terms) leader, Hearding, had created a few Asheron-related Flash movies and I thought that was simply the coolest. It’s likely that I server-stalked them for quite a while before actually asking to join them. Anyway, I pretty much completely copied a type of video that Hearding made with both this and the DAoC death reel.

Oh man. A wave of¬†remembrances. The other website I was absolutely enamored with was which apparently still exists but has not been updated for quite a while. Looking at those videos was my gateway to two years of Flash obsession. Also WTFman’s current layout is¬†devastatingly¬†similar to the original Mortisland site design. Because I copied it. It’s kind of startling how blatantly it was copied.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

In case you’re curious, the song is Black Bugs by Regurgitator.

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