A Deadline, A Small Victory

Another milestone is met. A video game crawls slightly closer to the finish line. A man writes a blog entry. The world spins indifferently.

In some ways, it’s pretty difficult to live alone with heavy demands from work. It’s not as bad as the missed chance to see a child grow up or spend time with a spouse, but it’s still a bummer for everyone. Cleaning and upkeep falls by the wayside because you get home and just don’t want to do anything except maybe lie down and fall asleep. But it’s probably not that bad in the grand scheme.

Are you aware of the “indie scene” but haven’t heard of Papers, Please yet? Well good news, I just mentioned it. The east european-flavored documentation thriller that everyone has been talking about. It’s been greenlit and will be on Steam this summer. Initiate hype.

Also on the weird tiny games tip, Memories of a Broken Dimension is like being inside a dying computer while you yourself are also dying. It is not on Greenlight or anything, but it does look very cool. The static/destruction aesthetic is something that resonates powerfully inside my bones.

In boring news, I got a very basic behavior tree editor going in Doc Maynard’s Super Rabbit Ranch which will get folded back into the Underlord project. Should make hooking up new guys a lot faster for Underlord. I’ve been trying out this scheme of implementing a basic system in a small project and then bringing it over to Underlord and I think it’s a pretty good way to work out individual systems.

“Exciting Motorcycles,” the name I have just chosen for the next Flash short, is still nearing completion. Will it be any good? Will anyone even notice? These are answers we will find out together. Also, “Meredith & Kyle Play Games,” the series of videos where I show my girlfriend games that I think she would enjoy, is almost complete on the first game we look at, Bioshock Infinite. Just waiting on artwork and then editing all the pieces together and uploading will begin.

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