Bioshock Infinite and then Gone Home and then Some Thoughts

The book has closed on Bioshock Infinite. All videos of Meredith and I’s playthrough can be found in this playlist. Check it out if you have an interest in why I don’t think it’s a very good game.

Next up will be a brief analysis of Gone Home. Those videos will start on Monday, June the 30th at the same Bat-channel that houses all my other stuff. I’m struggling to get a handle on all this audio production business. Recording is a completely different beast than Flash animation or video game creation or anything else I’ve done. Hopefully, you recognize the constant progress I am striving for.

Lastly, the early access to Webhook has opened and I am really curious to see how their system works. I’d like it if I could tie all these disparate projects together in a less annoying way than WordPress.

A Scholar & A Gamesman

Video game videos. I have started to post some at this location, adjacent to all the other Mortisland videos. It’s a thing where my girlfriend Meredith and I play and record games. You know, like Giant Bomb has been doing for years and everyone else on YouTube has also been doing for years!

My original plan was to record the whole time Meredith was in Korea, (which happened October 2012-2013) but I was overcome by self-doubt and loathing. A common problem of mine. But I’ve thrown off the shackles of indecision and started posting them now just in time for the anniversary of the last game Irrational will ever release. Check them out as a favor to me, your good internet friend MrMortisland/Kyle!

Let me assure you that the sound quality DOES improve. For real.