This one ain’t so bad. While re-watching it, I was surprised by how much I liked it. Except for the song in the ending. Can’t remember much about the process other than I put a lot of pieces of this together on a laptop floating across Puget Sound on a ferry to school. It is really hard to work in Flash using a laptop track pad. Additionally, it’s not clear what the intended title of this one is, so I opted for the title that is not a trademarked character belonging to a huge multinational corporation.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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2 thoughts on “Zombie”

  1. i remember being so proud to get a mention in the credits for this when it came out for being the delay stopper. glad to see you’re still around morty!

  2. Is there anywhere I could download these in their original flash format? It loses a certain charm watching it on youtube.

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