“New” Intro

From this, you may be able to hypothesize that I liked Trigun a lot in high school. Thanks to my incredibly forward-looking tagging and sorting system, all sorts of information about this tiny .SWF was easy to locate! Just kidding, it’s all a god damn mess. As near as I can tell, this came about sometime after moving to Mortisland.com (most likely coinciding exactly with it!) but before 2003? There was this one white/blue/orange site back then that had what I thought was the sickest Flash intro video on its doorstep. Because websites need intro videos, of course. So I must have tried to compete and came up with this. It’s pretty good! 40 FPS not the best frame rate, but it’s better than my beginnings. This also shows some of the starts of my fascinating with “machines looking like they are breaking” aesthetic with both the song choice and the color separation blip at the end.

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Red Mage vs White Mage

I give this one a moderate endorsement. It’s a pretty passable joke with all the stupid dramatic build up. Although, maybe I thought the build up was legitimately cool and awesome at the time. I was unable to sift through my disgusting pile of digital paperwork to locate the date on this one but I’ll come back to it. It’s very likely this was before Kefka 2 or Super Mario Blitz. It features some nice little tweens and toy effects that I enjoyed at the time.

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Final Fantasy vs Final Fantasy 7

Well. We were all young once. Right? Somehow I have found this one the most difficult to watch so far. I obviously thought it was funny at the time or I wouldn’t have put effort into it. The world may never know why though. On the Newgrounds page for this one, it mentions that I like FF and FF7 equally. Modern day me has to disagree. FF is fairly unplayable today. It’s very archaic. FF7 is also very archaic but less so. In conclusion, they’re both bad games?

Also, a note: a bunch of comments were removed due to user error. I have now rectified that problem. This site gets a surprising amount of spam bots attacking it and some legit comments were lost in the struggle. I should probably slap a captcha on the comment form. But a different day.

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Black Belt Vs Thief

I very nearly misspelled Thief in the title just now. Embarrassing.

Man! Look at the production values on this one! This is the second short I ever made and it it a whole hell of a lot better than I remember it being. Figuring out that higher frame rates look better, rotating guys, better tweens in general. Still didn’t quite master editing images in MS Paint though. A few white pixels peeking out there. I remember thinking how I was going to blow everyone’s minds!! when the Mortal Kombat song kicks in and the guys start running around. Even though breaking the Final Fantasy battle system convention was the exact same joke from the original. Maybe I thought record scratches were still novel and interesting. It is still the default dimensions for a Flash animation. Adorable.

I just went digging a little deeper through my Ye Olde Flashe Shite folder and there is a lot of stuff in there. A couple unfinished, unreleased things. Also lots of 8-bit Theater derivative jokes.

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Crono vs Black Mage (Boy vs Sprite 3)

Ever so briefly, here is the third in the “Boy vs Sprite” series. Except, as the loading screen mentions, it does not focus on them at all. It’s a number of characters I like. Some of the spell effects made me realize I am not a very good graphic designer. Also a lot of the end parts feel really tacked on. But I do like the slow motion impact of the scythe. There was a note in the credits about sound effects but this appears to be one of the first ones where I was dropping all sounds effects because they were time consuming. Weird.

Oh, this one’s plot was fleshed out by a set up short from a fan and I feel kind of strange about if I should throw that one up here or not since it’s not really mine. I’ll leave it up to Future Me to figure out.

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Boy vs Sprite 2

Man, this is some pretty nerdy stuff. This one starts on another common co-op problem in Secret of Mana, standing at the edge of the screen like an asshole. And then a whole lot of unrelated violence happens ending with Crono showing up for revenge. His motives were only revealed in a separate short that I did not even make! Real nerdy stuff.  It’s a definite improvement over the last one. I was really excited about the arrows flying in from the side. I remember finding sound effects for all this stuff was really annoying. That’s why I ended up transitioning to more music-video-y kinds of things. No responsibility for audio design!

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Boy vs Sprite

This initial Boy Vs Sprite thing was based on a very real situation I’m sure everyone who played Secret of Mana “co-operatively” encountered. Whenever a chest would show up, everyone would abandon their duties and race to get it first. Although you couldn’t hurt other players, it certainly led to some people getting killed by monsters that should have been dealt with first. The world really could use some more co-op action RPGs. This is also one of the ones I put up on Newgrounds that was actually rated pretty good. I’m gonna take some advice from the comments and say this one is actually pretty good!

Note: Here, Germany. You can look at the original version below.

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Fighter vs Black Mage

Here’s an oldie and not necessarily a goodie. This is the first thing I ever made (that I uploaded to the internet). Unbelievably basic work on display here. It’s funny that one of the frames for the Black Mage has tiny white pixels at corners where I was trying to edit out an overfill in MS Paint. Another interesting note, this is made at the default width and height for a Flash project circa version 4 (400 by 300 for those curious). Didn’t even take the frame into consideration. Very rudimentary stuff. At the time, I was probably very proud of it. We were all young once. Except for those who are young currently.

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