I would wager this is probably the fourth thing I made, if I were a betting man. I probably thought it was oh so clever at the time. The Lion King soundtrack is still real great.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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One thought on “AYB vs FF”

  1. I used to frequent this site many times waiting for whatever you had planned… it took me a couple of years before I gave up looking though…. makes me wonder what made me think of checking it now. Anyways, dig the fact that you’re still alive, curious if you are going to get back into doing projects. I really enjoyed your take on SoM and the music videos (I’d let Mario Blitz slide… because it was well done). You were a driving inspiration for a guy like me to dig into learning to animate (too bad I never picked it up, but I’m not dead yet).

    Where’s your old title screen at?

    – Z

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