Red Mage vs White Mage

I give this one a moderate endorsement. It’s a pretty passable joke with all the stupid dramatic build up. Although, maybe I thought the build up was legitimately cool and awesome at the time. I was unable to sift through my disgusting pile of digital paperwork to locate the date on this one but I’ll come back to it. It’s very likely this was before Kefka 2 or Super Mario Blitz. It features some nice little tweens and toy effects that I enjoyed at the time.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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2 thoughts on “Red Mage vs White Mage”

  1. Hooray, more of my internet childhood restored! All right, so I was a little over sixteen at the time. Still!

    All that’s missing is the old Mortisland intro with Trigun’s ‘Unhappy Song’ begging to have my earful every time it played.

  2. Lemme think…This came out after Fighter vs Black Mage, but before Black Belt vs Thief. Well before Kefka 1. I don’t think even the Boy vs Sprite videos were halfway done yet.

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