Fighter vs Black Mage

Here’s an oldie and not necessarily a goodie. This is the first thing I ever made (that I uploaded to the internet). Unbelievably basic work on display here. It’s funny that one of the frames for the Black Mage has tiny white pixels at corners where I was trying to edit out an overfill in MS Paint. Another interesting note, this is made at the default width and height for a Flash project circa version 4 (400 by 300 for those curious). Didn’t even take the frame into consideration. Very rudimentary stuff. At the time, I was probably very proud of it. We were all young once. Except for those who are young currently.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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4 thoughts on “Fighter vs Black Mage”

  1. Also glad to see you’re back. I had a sudden urge to revisit sites I went to when I was in highschool, to see if they were still around. That and I wanted to see all your deaths in Asheron’s call and DAoC2, because I thought they were oddly well composed. Anyways. Hope you’re doing well, since 8 years have passed.

  2. Glad to see these videos coming back up, Mortis. Within the last two or three months, I heard “King of Pain” on the radio and thought “I wonder if I can find that Morta-whatshisname’s website and watch his death montages again!” You have to post your death montages, just like Nick suggested.

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