Final Fantasy vs Final Fantasy 7

Well. We were all young once. Right? Somehow I have found this one the most difficult to watch so far. I obviously thought it was funny at the time or I wouldn’t have put effort into it. The world may never know why though. On the Newgrounds page for this one, it mentions that I like FF and FF7 equally. Modern day me has to disagree. FF is fairly unplayable today. It’s very archaic. FF7 is also very archaic but less so. In conclusion, they’re both bad games?

Also, a note: a bunch of comments were removed due to user error. I have now rectified that problem. This site gets a surprising amount of spam bots attacking it and some legit comments were lost in the struggle. I should probably slap a captcha on the comment form. But a different day.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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13 thoughts on “Final Fantasy vs Final Fantasy 7”

  1. Oh wow…

    Words cannot describe how happy I am to see that this is here!
    As with the above comment (Mike) Me and a few of my friends stumbled across your site years ago when we were in Middle School and to us, it was positively fantastic! They’re actually something we have referenced to each other as a sort of inside reference ever since. Enter about a week ago, when I stumbled across the animations saved on a lone flash drive (I believe you had download links in the old site format).

    I decided to come back and see if the site was still up because I remembered it being online for several years after our initial discovery and found *Gasp* He’s returned!

    I look forward to seeing what you do, if you do anything much other than just update this site even. But either way, It’s nice seeing you around again.

    Take care,


  2. You know, I still feel that way, that people are so lost in how a game looks over how it plays… nothing more true than when you compare the older FF’s with something like XII or XIII…

  3. Dear Mortisdude,

    I despise this ‘modern’ version of the site. I loved the old one. Why can’t I find that awesome animation with Black Bugs in it? WHAT HAPPENED. I hate modern websites.

  4. Awesome, like dragon me and some of my friends found your site in middle school and thought it was so awesome, all of us being sqaure/squeenix fans. Would like it if you added a way to directly share the video to Facebook from your site, or post them on YouTube under the sane names. That would be great.

  5. Wow, something came in my head one day and I come back to this site and spot updates? Crazaaay!

    As for the FF vs FF7 debate, it seems so strange now looking back on it. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  6. Glad to see you’re back, Love your stuff.
    Any chance of all your old content being re-uploaded?

    PS. Top Hats and Monocles are simply the most.

  7. I remember waaay back playing DAOC with you and Coalition of Fun. I enjoyed your King of Pain AC video and the DAoC follow up. Any chance of you posting those?

  8. Wow! Great! I’m really happy to see MortisLand alive after so many years of it’s absence.

    I’m real lucky, you know, to have found the site alive again. It was not just mid last year I was checking to see if the site was still alive but, alas, it was still in it’s dormant state. It was up until today when my friend began to play Final Fantasy 6 and told me about it that I remembered MortisLand again. And, ho, here it lives again.

    Will be sure to visit much in the coming days, weeks, months, and years to come again. Gotta’ let my friends know its back again too though!

  9. I’m glad you’re back. I guess. Your short animations played a huge part in my childhood. As I would watch them everyday. 😀

  10. Thanks for putting these back on here! I remember watching these shorts with a couple friends back in high school and thinking they were the coolest thing in the world!
    I’ve been trying to find them again for the last couple years, and here they are!!!
    It’s fun looking at your posts now to see how your views have changed just as mine have in the same amount of time.
    Thank you for still being awesome.

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