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From this, you may be able to hypothesize that I liked Trigun a lot in high school. Thanks to my incredibly forward-looking tagging and sorting system, all sorts of information about this tiny .SWF was easy to locate! Just kidding, it’s all a god damn mess. As near as I can tell, this came about sometime after moving to Mortisland.com (most likely coinciding exactly with it!) but before 2003? There was this one white/blue/orange site back then that had what I thought was the sickest Flash intro video on its doorstep. Because websites need intro videos, of course. So I must have tried to compete and came up with this. It’s pretty good! 40 FPS not the best frame rate, but it’s better than my beginnings. This also shows some of the starts of my fascinating with “machines looking like they are breaking” aesthetic with both the song choice and the color separation blip at the end.

This is also going to be my initial attempt in a pilot program to export these videos and put them on YouTube for easier sharing and viewing and following and pretty much everything. No one uploads raw Flash files to a website anymore. Who would do that?

Original Air Date: TBD

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