State of the Mortisland: Fully Operational

Alright. It took a little longer than I thought but things are back up to speed on this internet website dot com. Click for more info!

All of the old Flash shorts are up! Sorry. It took a while. I’ve re-exported most of them in HD and stuck them on YouTube (since it has a much better player). I have also taken dramatic steps in three dumb personal projects. I’ve thrown up some of my thoughts about stuff and things. Even did a “review” of the new DMC. I’ll probably do some more review-ish type articles because they are fun to write about fun games. Maybe Monster Hunter.

The real world doesn’t allow for a lot of free time, especially when you work in video games, but dumb things will hopefully be up here soon. SPECIFICALLY:

1) I am working on two (possibly three) little Unity games of varying scope. The one I’ve mentioned here before is Underlord, which is a Dungeon Keeper-alike with some lessons from Evil Genius. The second is a game about rabbits I’m working on with my sister. Both are very far off from being finished, but I’d love to share the process as soon as either one stops looking like garbage.

2) There is a new Mortisland branded short Flash animation on the way. This is probably the only bullet point people care about. It’s “the one about Excitebike” and it is close to 2/3rds finished. Depending on weekends, that could be available by the end of the month!

3) I’m going to try doing one of those god damn Video Game Commentary Bullshits that all the kids are doing these days. I figure those are cheap to do in terms of time-investment and can provide the all-important “regular content” that internetters crave. And playing video games is something I do too much of anyway. Might as well be constructive with it!

What else, what else. Does anyone care about Project: Learn To Draw? Maybe that. More writing since writing is also cheap. I’m just winging it over here!

Thanks for your interest and internet patronage, unless you are a bot or spammer. In that case, go fuck yourself.

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