Boy vs Sprite 2

Man, this is some pretty nerdy stuff. This one starts on another common co-op problem in Secret of Mana, standing at the edge of the screen like an asshole. And then a whole lot of unrelated violence happens ending with Crono showing up for revenge. His motives were only revealed in a separate short that I did not even make! Real nerdy stuff. ┬áIt’s a definite improvement over the last one. I was really excited about the arrows flying in from the side. I remember finding sound effects for all this stuff was really annoying. That’s why I ended up transitioning to more music-video-y kinds of things. No responsibility for audio design!

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Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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3 thoughts on “Boy vs Sprite 2”

  1. Mortis, I don’t know if anyone else is checking the site…but I googled you randomly again this month, and was surprised to see you were back (ish.) I was an avid watcher back in 2003; this vid actually made me look up weezer for the first time.

    I just wanted to tell you mate, we’re still here, still watching. Even if it’s just me right now. Your shit was fun and amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else you may have in store.



  2. Wow. I randomly typed in the address while checking my weekly updates. And here you are. I’m glad to see you’re still around. I’ll be popping by more often. Maybe even commenting!


  3. i’ve been a fan since 2003.

    don’t bash your early videos.

    we are all our own worst critics.

    even whitney houston, at the peak of her career (pre-cocaine) could sing a total of ten octaves, and was considered pitch perfect in her vocals, still doesn’t like the sound of her voice.

    good luck in your endeavors, mon frere.

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