Crono vs Black Mage (Boy vs Sprite 3)

Ever so briefly, here is the third in the “Boy vs Sprite” series. Except, as the loading screen mentions, it does not focus on them at all. It’s a number of characters I like. Some of the spell effects made me realize I am not a very good graphic designer. Also a lot of the end parts feel really tacked on. But I do like the slow motion impact of the scythe. There was a note in the credits about sound effects but this appears to be one of the first ones where I was dropping all sounds effects because they were time consuming. Weird.

Oh, this one’s plot was fleshed out by a set up short from a fan and I feel kind of strange about if I should throw that one up here or not since it’s not really mine. I’ll leave it up to Future Me to figure out.

Original Air Date: TO BE DETERMINED

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  1. Haha I remember this one. I always loved the coke part. Man, time does fly! We miss you Mortis.

    PS: You should join Twitter or something.

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