Clarifying For The Internet Ghosts

To anyone listening,

It was never my intention to take down all the videos and never put them back up again. I just get sidetracked by the world outside my own. We are close to them all being up and restored (except for maybe a couple that should remain gone). After that is accomplished, the exclusive Lost Short will be posted. Most likely in an unfinished form, but there is actually more there than I remember. Next will come the tiny game home projects I’ve been working on. Then I will begin to feel less stressed and satisfied with my life and everything will be great. Also there are a lot of just weird forgotten nooks and pieces that may come to the surface. Things that may only be interesting to me. So don’t worry. Just hang in there!

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One thought on “Clarifying For The Internet Ghosts”

  1. Mortis,

    I love your new site’s direction of looking back at your old work and childhood. Its almost like a documentary about yourself. You’re very candid in how surprised you are at your teenage years just like we all are. I’ll keep coming back to see your updates from time to time.

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