Ryan Davis, A Man I Literally Never Met

But maybe I knew him? Today it was announced that Ryan Davis, of Giant Bomb fame, passed away over the July 4th break. I don’t have any cool story about the time I met him and we became best friends. The closest I came to him was shouting “GIANT BOMB!” as the whole GB posse cruised by at PAX in Seattle. But now I’m really sad that there’s no possibility of ever meeting Mr. Davis. Nothing profound or insightful to share. I am just really sad he’s gone and wanted to write that down.

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One thought on “Ryan Davis, A Man I Literally Never Met”

  1. I’ve been going through the same thing since I first read the news yesterday. As Kotaku put it: [I] may not have been Ryan Davis’ friend, but he was mine. Each and every Tuesday for a few years now I’ve enjoyed “Hey everybody it’s Tuesday” and the ensuing three hours of friendly banter. It’s like hanging out with a group of friends for a few hours a week. I suspect that, if I had ever met them in person, we could all just hang out, just like they do on the show.

    I spent a lot of yesterday teary-eyed and even crying about the loss of my friend, a friend I’ve never met. He really was one of the best people, and this is way, way too soon.

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