Turbulent Period and Something Actually God Damned New: Thirty Minute Masterpiece

If you’ve looked at this site in the last couple weeks, you know it’s been really slow and broken. But after much hardship, it is not anymore! Also I am here to announce something new finally!

Long, long-time followers of this internet web destination may remember something called Project Learn To Draw. In it, I was trying to practice drawing and comic making. It didn’t work very well because I was only equipped with a mouse and mouse drawing ain’t no kind of drawing. Fast forward a mere twelve years and PLTD rears its ugly head again. Except this time known as Thirty Minute Masterpiece. The rules, they is simple: draw one thing every day and take no more than half an hour to do so. No aimless page-of-doodles style entries either.

By focusing on one single thing for thirty minutes, I hope to improve my ability to draw. Thus far, it has not worked. Luckily, I have two friends who are exceptional artists, Mymbles and Marzipanapple! You will be able to pick them out because they are actual artists who are not abject failures.

Anyway, please look forward to my pain and anguish: Thirty Minute Masterpiece.

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2 thoughts on “Turbulent Period and Something Actually God Damned New: Thirty Minute Masterpiece”

  1. Off topic question: I remember a flash short in the long long ago of Mortisland that was set to a Danny Elfman tune. Will this ever resurface?

    I also remember one featuring a song with the lyrics “Struck By Lightning”–was that you or 8 Bit Theater? Would love to see these titles join the rest in your current library of the new site.

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