My Thoughts: SimCity

My intention was to write a scathing deconstruction of everything I find unsatisfactory about this game, but others have done that at extreme length. So I will just tick another mark in the “Game Bad” column, list the things I don’t like, and move along. It’s bad. I dislike it greatly.

  • Amnesiac sims: frustrating and a stupid optimization decision.
  • Can’t analyze traffic routes like in SimCity 4’s Rush Hour expansion due to amnesiac sims.
  • Origin: extremely awful at managing installations. Left a huge installation folder for SimCity when I uninstalled it. Maybe next time look at what Valve does and copy them exactly.

Gnomoria Available On Steam’s Early Access

My friend’s game is now available on Steam! It’s in the Early Access storefront which highlights games that are in current development. Kind of like Desura’s alpha funding system. To celebrate, I am giving away 4 Steam copies of the game. I don’t really know the best way to distribute them so just contact me on Twitter and we will figure out the gifting details. There’s a strangely-placed button in the right column what leads to my anemic Twitter presence. First four people who contact me will get Gnomoria! Others who contact me might receive a copy of The Ship or something.

Some kind of sprawling gnome metropolis.
Some kind of sprawling gnome metropolis.

Like I’ve mentioned before, Gnomoria is a Dwarf Fortress-inspired simulation game where you can break down almost everything and rebuild it into something else. You set up homes and food for your little gnome guys then watch them run around doing whatever it is gnomes do. Also, outfit them with weapons and armor to protect themselves from invading forces. If you like sim games, give it a shot! Possibly for free if you get a copy from me!

“New” Intro

From this, you may be able to hypothesize that I liked Trigun a lot in high school. Thanks to my incredibly forward-looking tagging and sorting system, all sorts of information about this tiny .SWF was easy to locate! Just kidding, it’s all a god damn mess. As near as I can tell, this came about sometime after moving to (most likely coinciding exactly with it!) but before 2003? There was this one white/blue/orange site back then that had what I thought was the sickest Flash intro video on its doorstep. Because websites need intro videos, of course. So I must have tried to compete and came up with this. It’s pretty good! 40 FPS not the best frame rate, but it’s better than my beginnings. This also shows some of the starts of my fascinating with “machines looking like they are breaking” aesthetic with both the song choice and the color separation blip at the end.

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Enter The Kefka by Mido Valoryn

This one comes from fan Mido Valoryn who I think was more into 8-bit Theater than Mortisland specifically. As always, I didn’t keep very careful notes so I don’t have much info about it other than what I just watched. He used a much higher framerate than I usually did which is something I prefer. For the longest time, I stuck with 24 and other lower ones because That’s How Animation Works. I’m sure Mido will see this and have more to say about it himself. Anyway, enjoy!

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